How To Find Creative Inspiration

For me DJing is like having a conversation. But instead of speaking to one person at a time and using words, I am speaking to a room full of people and using music. Whether it is a group of women having a ball having a girl's night or a group of bros who have let their guard down and are letting loose on the dance floor, these kinds of conversations inspire me to keep doing what I'm doing. 

What inspires you?. It's not an easy question and it took me a long to figure it out for myself. It's one of those questions that we tend to over think. In fact, I had to think really small to get to my answer. I was DJing one day and when I looked up from my turntables to look at the crowd it brought joy to my heart. And even though I've been in this situation many times because I've been DJing since I was a preteen, this night was different. The way the crowd was transfixed by the music made it clear to me that I I'd made the right career choice. 

It's funny how you can go years looking for inspiration and then realize it was right in front of your face the whole time. If you're a creative and looking for inspiration, don't think too big. Rather, think small. Think about the moments where you are extremely happy or immersed in what you're doing. When you find that moment replicate it over and over again. Seeing people dancing and having unadulterated fun while my music mixes are playing is inspiring to me. So I try to do that over and over again. And I get ideas for new mixes, new ways to scratch and new ways to entertain the crowd simply by being in constant conversation with them through the music. For you, it will be something else and it will be special to you. The point is to let yourself be open to finding inspiration in not conventional places. And when you do find inspiration, cherish it, and make great things because of it.